Eternal Satisfaction

While I was sitting at a park bench enjoying lunch, I glanced into a field that was in front of me, and noticed countless streams of spider webs drifting through the air. I first thought to myself, who in their right mind would want to run around in that field?

I was reminded of a quote by one of the greatest theologians, Jonathan Edwards,

“We hence see the exuberant goodness of the Creator, who hath not only provided for all the necessities, but also for the pleasure and recreation of all sorts of creatures, and even the insects and those that are most despicable.”

And immediately I saw that these spiders were enjoying how God has created them.

I’m personally going through some tough times right now, which have brought about many worrisome nights, and many anxious thoughts, and many times in prayer asking for God’s comfort, direction, and peace.

Which is why I was at the park today. I needed to get away from work. I needed to be alone with God and His word.  I needed to see Him for who He is. I needed to remember who I am in Christ.

One of the things that I keep reminding myself of for comfort is the assurance of salvation that we have, because of what Jesus Christ has done. The work that He began within me will be brought to completion, not by my own strength or works, but by God’s power alone.

Yet there is one thing that I tend to overlook when marveling over this great salvation: the reason why God has created me, and the reason why God has saved me.

And that reason is to give me Himself for eternal joy and pleasure, so in that enjoyment He is glorified.

In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11

I wasn’t created for this anxiety and worry, but rather to be satisfied in Jesus. I wasn’t created to be restless, but to find rest in Jesus. When that day comes and I see my Savior face to face, all of these worries, all of these anxieties, all of these sleepless nights, and all of the tears will be no more.

Because God has given me Himself, I will obtain my treasure, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and will be perfectly satisfied forever.